Manage AWS cost and usage during migrations

Recorded on August 9th, 2022

CFM Peer Connect


To take full advantage of the benefits of the cloud, including decreased cost and increased business agility, you need to define and execute a migration plan that is aligned with your current capabilities and workload requirements. At the same time, it’s vital to know what, when, and how cost management levers can be pulled throughout your migration journey.
During this session we will review what a successful migration journey looks like from a Cloud Financial Management (CFM) perspective. We’ll share what you can do to avoid cost surprises, stay on budget, and achieve your expected cost savings and business outcomes without jeopardizing the speed of your migration.


Learning topics

  • Combine the AWS Cloud Financial Management pillars (see, save, plan, run) with the AWS migration phases (assess, mobilize and migrate and modernize)
  • Define effective KPIs to track migration costs and desired business outcomes
  • Use the migration business case to create a migration cost forecast (examples)
  • Pull the right levers and optimize your AWS usage without impacting the speed of your migration


Who should watch 

CIOs, CTOs, VP Operations, IT Leaders, IT Decision Makers, IT Finance Leaders, Business Unit Leaders, Cloud Architects, Solution Architects


Arthur Basbaum - AWS Customer Solutions Manager, Joe Kern - AWS Customer Solutions Manager, and Will Titherington - AWS Sr Migration Solutions Architect

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