Creating an Effective Metrics Strategy for your Business

Event recorded on May 10th, 2022

CFM Peer Connect


Many organizations establish metrics to assist in monitoring, improving, and controlling their business functions with a data-driven approach. Without a well-defined cloud metrics strategy, organizations can quickly find themselves swimming in an ocean of low-value KPIs. AWS provides you with ample raw materials through AWS Budgets, AWS Cost Explorer, and others, to construct KPIs that help measure cost performance, efficiencies and prescriptive actions. In this webinar, we’ll share proactive steps you can take to establish a sound governance structure, set an overall metric strategy, and evaluate individual KPIs based on your organization’s long term strategic goals.


Learning Topics

  • Craft sound metrics governance
  • Choose between a ‘customized’ or ‘comparable’ metric strategy
  • Understand the five measures of a “good” cloud metric
  • Deep Dive: Examples of effective cloud metrics

Who Should Attend 

CIOs, CTOs, VP Operations, IT Leaders, IT Decision Makers, IT Finance Leaders, Business Unit Leaders, Cloud Architects, Solution Architects


Erik Satre, AWS Cloud Economics and Carlos Galan, AWS Cloud Economics

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