Choosing the right tools to optimize your AWS costs

January 11th | 10:00 AM PT

About this event
 In our most recent survey, many customers shared that their top priority was cloud cost optimization—specifically, identifying resources that can be rightsized or terminated to reduce costs. There are a variety of ways to reduce or avoid unnecessary cloud costs and it starts by making sure each customer is taking advantage of AWS’s unique pricing models, and avoiding any overspending associated with over-provisioned or idle resources. Join us in this CFM Talks Webinar to discover AWS tools and services that can make it easier for you to build and manage cost-efficient workloads, so you can optimize cloud costs savings as you scale on AWS.
Actionable takeaways

In this webinar we’ll discuss:

  • Understanding and choosing the right cost optimization method for your business
  • Identifying and recognizing cost optimization opportunities
  • Implementing and realizing optimizations with the right AWS tools, services, and pricing models
Why should you attend
AWS Cloud Financial Management Talks is a monthly virtual webinar program led by AWS CFM experts that enables customers to transform their business with cost transparency, control, forecasting, and optimization. CFM Talks will explore some of the most pressing cost management challenges that you’ve told us are your priority for 2023. We’ll present guidance, education, and tools to help you manage variable cloud spend, reduce financial risks, and ultimately deliver value to their business.
Content level
Rick Ochs, Principal Product Manager, AWS Insights and Optimizations