AWS Cloud Financial Management Peer Connect

Event recorded on May 18th - 08:00 AM PT

CFM Peer Connect


About the Event

In this session hear how Morningstar empowers technology teams to understand, improve and own their cloud costs using a Cost Star Scorecard. The Cost Star Scorecard leverages AWS native services, tools, and resources to surface optimization opportunities and rate teams on how optimized they are in AWS using a 5-star scale. Join our discussion rooms and talk about ways to manage, optimize and plan for AWS spend.

Why Should you Attend this Event  

The Cloud Financial Management (CFM) Peer Connect is a peer-focused interactive virtual-event, providing AWS customers an environment to have an unbiased, open exchange of ideas, and best practices relating to AWS Cost Management and Optimization.  
AWS Peer Connect events are open to customers and potential customers who are CFM or FinOps practitioners. These events are not intended for industry analysts, press, marketing, or sales. Practitioners can register to network with peers and discuss CFM and FinOps topics with one another.



  • Introduction
  • Cost Star Ratings to score team's AWS optimization
    • Katelyn Decraene, Senior Cloud Finance Manager, Morningstar

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