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In 2019, 50% of IT decision makers said the number one reason for skills gaps was difficulty recruiting and retaining job candidates with relevant expertise.* Solve this challenge by connecting with AWS Academy graduates who are prepared to fill in-demand cloud roles.


AWS Academy students take courses that give them the opportunity to develop a range of skills and expertise, from foundational cloud concepts to architecting, developing, operations, and data analysis on AWS. With hands-on experience in the AWS Cloud, AWS Academy graduates have the skills and knowledge they need to add value at your company.


Across various industries, AWS Academy graduates have been hired in roles such as Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, Systems Engineer, Business Analyst, and Cloud Consultant.


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* Global Knowledge, 2019 IT Skills and Salary Report, 2019.
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AWS Academy provides higher education institutions with a ready-to-teach cloud computing curriculum that prepares students for in-demand cloud roles and AWS Certifications. AWS is not an employment agency, broker, or representative or agent of any AWS Academy educators or graduates. AWS makes no recommendations or suggestions regarding specific job listings, hiring companies, the contents, accuracy, or availability of any employment opportunity, and is not responsible for safety, wages, working conditions, or any other aspect of employment under an employment opportunity. All hiring, scheduling and compensation decisions for cloud jobs are handled directly between the AWS Academy graduates and the employer.