Just in time student support

Higher education institutions are increasingly seeking to attract and retain nontraditional learners. However, meeting their needs means rethinking student support services, which have long catered to students aged 18 to 22.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) customer, Project Kitty Hawk, is helping colleges and universities deliver student support services in a unique way to attract adult learners. Learn how cloud technology has enabled this new model that provides just in time student support, the importance of the working backwards approach, and digital innovation.

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First, listen on demand to a panel of experts plus Wil Zemp, President & CEO, Project Kitty Hawk, in a virtual forum, Shifting student support to adult learners.

As a follow-up, read a key takeaways report that contains answers from a panel of experts about how:

  • Adult learners have become part of the conversation as a result of the looming demographic cliff
  • Adult learning preferences differ from those of traditional students
  • Colleges need to rethink everything from the campus experience to their marketing efforts through the lens of the adult learner
  • Faculty need to adjust their approaches to teaching with adult learners in mind

Lastly, dive into the case study, Serving the unique needs of adult learners, shares how Project Kitty Hawk meets the challenge brought forth by the University of North Carolina System. You’ll also learn:

  • The technology powering Project Kitty Hawk
  • The answers lie in the data
  • The next generation of learners

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