AWS Serverless Webinar: Unleash Innovation & Build Modern Applications (Four-Part Session)

Join your developer peers during the AWS Serverless Webinar focusing on Modern Application Development (MAD)!

Deep dive into the latest Serverless MAD releases and hear from industry experts on how AWS is building a cloud that best supports your modern application development needs. Learn how to build richer workflows, enable application patterns, and increase developer productivity. In this four-part webinar, find out how Serverless is transforming businesses to drive innovation whilst delivering product and services at scale!

About this series:

In this series, you will hear from a range of industry experts who will share their insights in to the growing Serverless ecosystem.

First up is, AWS Senior Solutions Architect, Stephen Liedig, who will review the latest in Serverless technology offering from AWS, and show you how these new features that can help you increase your agility and modernisation.

In the next session, we’ll dive a little deeper into Modern Application Development and how serverless technologies can help you build, transform, and rearchitect the applications for today and tomorrow.

In the second half of this Serverless deep dive webinar, we’ll take you on a real-life journey with Vizalytics and Cloud Conformity.

Did you ever wonder how Serverless technology impacts transportation? Find out how Vizalytics is helping customers understand train delays characterisations and hear about their decision support in real-time using RDS, AWS Lambda, Step Functions S3 and more!

Cloud Conformity share their experiences running 230 million well-architected checks a day, spanning 2000 Lambda functions and 100 DynamoDB tables. You will hear first-hand how Cloud Conformity and AWS are solving monitoring, scaling, security and cost challenges.

What you will learn:

  • Hear about the latest Serverless releases and how you can innovate change within your workload, including AWS Lambda Layers and custom runtimes updates
  • Find out how to migrate your Serverless applications and deep dive into modern day application modernisation
  • Hear how today's companies are solving real-life problems with serverless, at scale, and how their adoption of serverless has transformed their businesses and how they think about solving business problem

This level 200-400 webinar is suited for:

  • Developers
  • Enterprise and Solutions Architect
  • CTO
  • Serverless enthusiasts


Paul Hortop
Head of Security
Cloud Conformity


Mike Rahmati
Cloud Conformity


Aileen Smith (AWS Community Hero)


Steve Liedig
Senior Solution Architect

Event Details
Date: Thursday, 21 March 2019
Time: 11:00am - 2:30pm AEDT


Guest Speakers:
Paul Hortop, Head of Security, Cloud Conformity
Mike Rahmati, Chief Technology Officer, Cloud Conformity
Aileen Smith, CEO, Vizalytics

AWS Presenter:
Steve Liedig, Senior Solutions Architect, AWS

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