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Seven Tips for Building a Sticky Alexa Skill for Education

What's inside

As voice services like Amazon Alexa become more widely adopted, EdTechs have taken notice. Voice-first experiences are popular because they are natural, conversational, and user-centric and make it faster and easier to get tasks done. Students can check in on assignments, parents can stay connected to what their children are learning in school, and educators can prepare for upcoming lessons all without having to open their computer or look at a screen. 

EdTechs are using voice to streamline access to their products, drive user engagement, and reach new customers. But what does it take to build an Alexa skill that users want to come back to over and over again?

What you'll learn

In this guide you will get a deep dive into seven tips for designing and building a sticky Alexa skill that education customers will use. Take a look at these 7 tips:

1. Voice-enable the most popular parts of your product.
2. Keep content fresh.
3. Design, an easy, intuitive voice experience.
4. Create a compelling persona.
5. Create a personalized experience for users.
6. Minimize friction.
7. Make sure your skill is reliable.

Get the guide and start learning how to build your EdTech skill to create a voice experience that engages users and keeps them coming back.

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