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How Centrify Enforces Compliance and Security Best Practices on AWS with Dome9

Centrify – a leading cybersecurity company – needed to establish and maintain active security over its applications running on AWS, as it rapidly scaled up. The Centrify DevOps team implemented Dome9 Arc to visualize and assess its security posture, actively enforce security and compliance policies, and automatically remediate misconfigurations on AWS.
Register for our upcoming webinar with Centrify, AWS, and Dome9 to learn how you can use the native security controls in AWS and the powerful capabilities of Dome9 Arc to help your business remain secure and compliant – at any scale – on AWS.

Join us to learn:
  • How enterprises can customize and automate security and compliance policies for applications running on AWS
  • AWS tools and best practices or achieving robust security on AWS, across regions and accounts
  • Methods for continuously monitoring and enforcing security best practices on AWS
When: Available on demand

Who Should Attend: Individuals responsible for implementing security, compliance, DevOps and SecOps on the cloud.

AWS Speaker: Sameer Kumar Vasanthapuram, Partner Solutions Architect
Dome9 Speaker: Suda Srinivasan, VP of Marketing 
Customer Speaker: Jason LeBaron, Felix Deschamps, Principal DevOps Engineer at Centrify