Empower Your Developers and Innovate

Implementing a serverless architecture on AWS has helped many businesses foster innovation and save money. By offloading infrastructure management tasks to AWS, serverless architectures free up developers to work on building and delivering applications.

In our eBook, Reducing Operational Complexity And Cost With Serverless Computing, we cover the benefits you’ll receive by implementing serverless and the resources AWS offers to streamline the process. Additionally, AWS Partner Network (APN) Partners provide tools and guidance to help organizations get the most out of this shift.


    No Servers To Manage

    Offload server management to AWS and allow your developers to focus on building and delivering innovative applications.


    Continuous Scaling

    Your applications scale automatically, mirroring their actual usage, so you can meet demand without limiting end-user experiences.


    Cost Efficiency

    Because applications scale with their actual usage, you also eliminate the need to pre-provision or over-provision capacity, thus reducing costs.

    AWS Partner
    Here is an AWS partner that can help you with modern application development.

    Rackspace Technology and Onica, a Rackspace Technology company, accelerate the value of the AWS cloud during every phase of digital transformation. Whether you’re looking to leverage the cloud for innovation, agility, cost savings, operational efficiency, or all of the above, our dedicated AWS team focuses on bringing the most cutting-edge capabilities to our customers, all backed by our Fanatical Experience™.

    With deep expertise in cloud strategy, cloud-native development, containers, application modernization, AI/ML, and IoT, our customers leverage the full capabilities of the AWS Cloud to accelerate innovation. Rackspace Technology is a Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader for Public Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Services, Worldwide.



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