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Simplify Network Management with a Reduced Number of Connections

A virtual private cloud (VPC) is your network environment in the cloud. By default, your Amazon VPC has strong segmentation and is not connected to any other networks. However, you may find you would like multiple VPCs for segmentation, business isolation, blast radius reduction, and other segmentation purposes.

The transit VPC can simplify connectivity to multiple VPCs. By customizing the network configuration for Amazon VPC, customers are able to create public-facing subnets for web servers that have access to the Internet; additionally, they can place backend systems, such as databases and application servers, in a private-facing subnet Internet connection while still delivering secure access.

Download our eBook to learn:

  • Information on setting up a Transit VPC
  • How to increase transparency and enable rapid visualization of data being transferred
  • How AWS customers are using Transit VPC to move corporate applications to the cloud, increase transparency and rapid visualization of transferred data and build private networks spanning two or more AWS Regions