Many wide area networks (WANs) are constrained by rigid telecom and routing solutions. Because of the dynamic nature of AWS workloads, this rigidity hinders their ability to connect branch offices to the cloud. Cisco SD-WAN significantly simplifies cloud adoption by enabling branch offices to connect to cloud-based applications and Amazon Web Services workloads directly without complex manual network configurations.

An industry leader in the chemical analysis and diagnostics space needed to migrate their infrastructure away from their data center to a more agile, intelligent cloud network they could quickly and easily deploy. By pairing Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) and Cisco SD-WAN in a transit VPC architecture, this company created a secure and flexible network. Further, this combination enabled them to execute their migration in a matter of weeks, rather than their original projection of around 18 months. This solution enhanced their network performance and resiliency, while reducing both operational and data transport costs.

Download our webinar to learn

  • How to migrate a data center network to the cloud.

  • How Cisco’s SD-WAN solution allows an organization to leverage Amazon VPCs in multiple regions via the gateway VPC implementation.

  • How to map multiple host VPCs to a gateway VPC and set up connections between on-premises facilities and host VPCs.

  • How to scale up the number of host VPCs, while isolating workloads for easier management, application quality monitoring, and security.

  • The benefits for network performance and bottom line costs.



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