Fanatics, a popular sports apparel website and fan gear merchandiser, needed to ingest terabytes of data from multiple historical and streaming sources – transactional, e-commerce, and back-office systems – to a data lake on Amazon S3. Once ingested, the data would be analyzed to better identify, predict, and fulfill customer needs related to the products Fanatics offers in over 300 online and offline stores.

To accomplish this, Fanatics chose Attunity Replicate, a software solution featuring continuous data capture (CDC) and parallel threading for streaming data in real time from multiple sources into a data lake on Amazon S3. The data can then be consumed in Apache Kafka for real-time analytics. Attunity helps Fanatics avoid the heavy lifting of manually extracting data from disparate sources and enables the organization to see results in real time.

What you'll learn in this webinar:

  • How to quickly and easily ingest data for a data lake on Amazon S3.

  • How to use Attunity with Apache Kafka to provide critical business insights that drive customer satisfaction.

  • How to replicate data to the cloud – with zero downtime.


AWS Speaker: Paul Sears, Partner Solutions Architect
Attunity Speaker: Jordan Martz, Director of Technology Solutions
Fanatics Speaker: Alan Chang, Senior Product Manager


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