Broadcast Date: June 21, 2022

Level: 300

A one size fits all approach of using a relational database has evolved, with developers breaking complex applications into smaller pieces and then picking the best tool to solve each problem. NoSQL databases are purpose-built for specific data models and optimized for modern applications like mobile, web, and gaming applications that require high performance, low latency, and scalability. AWS helps developers build applications with the broadest portfolio of fully managed NoSQL database services. For this session, we’ll focus on Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility), Amazon Elasticache for Redis, and Amazon MemoryDB for Redis. Join us to learn more about how these AWS NoSQL databases help manage key-value, JSON document, and in-memory data, so you can select the right database for your specific use case.

Learning Objectives

  • Review the requirements of modern applications and microservices architecture
  • Understand the benefits of using a purpose-built database as part of your application development
  • Learn how to choose among AWS databases to help you move forward to build and deploy faster

Who Should Attend?

Developers, Software Engineers, DevOps Engineers, IT, Application Architects, IT Leaders, Business Decision Makers


  • Siva Karuturi, In-Memory Database Specialist Solutions Architect
  • Jason Hunter, Principal DynamoDB Specialist Solutions Architect

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