An introduction to Amazon Connect

Public Sector Online Seminars

A practical guide to deploying a cloud-based contact centre

With agents working from home and an increasing number of calls, many local authorities have adopted cloud contact centres as a solution. Quick to deploy, with no up-front costs, they can improve the experience for both agents and customers.

In this webinar, we introduce you to Amazon Connect and detail how LGSS launched a contact centre from a standing start in under four weeks. Amazon Connect was used to automate simple council tax enquiries to free up capacity for those most in need. LGSS is now using Amazon Lex to design a switchboard bot, creating a simplified customer experience as seven local councils merge to form two new unitary authorities.

Watch to learn:

  • Why an omnichannel cloud contact centre delivers better service at lower cost
  • How Amazon Connect makes it easy for agents to work from home
  • How to use artificial intelligence to transcribe and analyse calls
  • How to get started quickly and scale up when you need to

This webinar is a practical guide to creating an on-demand service, quickly. It also introduces features that you can use to create a cloud solution to efficiently respond to citizens in need.

  • Iain Truesdale, Senior Specialty Solution Architect, AWS
  • Dan Blundell, Head of Digital, LGSS

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