Security solutions for government

Government agencies and public sector organizations need rapidly deployable and dependable security solutions to support their missions. To respond, Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides the Security Solutions for Government under the Global Security and Compliance Partner team responsible for the Authority to Operate (ATO) on AWS Program. This initiative works with Commercial and Public Sector partners, members of the AWS Partner Network (APN), to develop solutions designed to meet the unique security and compliance requirements of public sector workloads.

Security Solutions for Government provides different partner-designed offerings to support secure customer workloads. The threat landscape is ever increasing and deploying a solution to combat this threat is increasing the complexity around security. These partner offerings can build secure resilient solutions to protect your data and your environments. AWS Partners configure and manage these repeatable packages. This model enables global scalability and availability while supporting localized customizations for unique markets.

AWS Partner and security solutions for government

The Global Security and Compliance Partner Team through the Authority to Operate (ATO) on AWS Program has collaborated with trusted partners to provide cost-effective and rapidly deployable solutions. We expect the number of partners and solutions to continue to grow to bring the most robust lineup of security partner solutions to our public sector customers.

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AWS Security Solutions for Government is focused on providing partner-designed offerings to support many different types of customer workloads and solutions


Health and Human Services - mission-critical systems that deliver vital health, nutrition, and economic benefits programs.

Public Law enforcement and Safety - from records management systems and body worn camera solutions, to next generation 911 technology, AWS can help.

Elections - processes underlying our democracy, facing an array of sophisticated threats to undermine system integrity and public trust.

Smart Cities and Public Transportation - solutions enable constituent service improvements, making streets safer, improving mobility, and delivering savings.


Disaster Recovery - protect against downtime and data loss from any threat, including ransomware and server corruption.

Zero Trust - conceptual security model focused on providing security controls around digital assets that do not solely depend on traditional network controls.

Resiliency - ability for a system to recover from a failure induced by load, attacks, and failures.

Security Operations Center - a centralized function that deals with security issues by continuously monitoring an organization.


Remote Workstations – individuals can access applications and documents securely and controlled from any location.

Web Portals - protect web portals and web applications incorporating security tools and hardened configurations.

Elections - data integrity is essential to the effective management of sensitive Controlled Unclassified Information, including voter data.

Contact Call centers - provide secure, high quality, lower cost customer connection to ensure residents have convenient, equitable access to the services they need.

Customer benefits

Partners designed solution offerings with security in mind and put pre-configured security mechanisms in place. Customers will be able to meet the rigor of security and compliance standards such as Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), System and Organization Controls (SOC2), StateRAMP, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), IRS 1075, and others that are applicable to public sector customers.

Rapid solution deployment
Reduce ramp-up time and accelerate security capabilities for government and public sector customer workloads by using pre-configured and/or managed solutions.
High standards for privacy and data security
Security solutions configured and managed by AWS Partners with a focus on end-to-end security enforcement and automation.
Comprehensive security and compliance controls
Meet security and compliance standards for finance, retail, healthcare, government, and more with third-party validation of global compliance requirements achieved and continually monitored by AWS to help customers.



Historically policies have been administrative documents - written policies and procedures, and time has proven that employees don’t always read them or understand their significance when they are just trying to do their job. Today, the shift toward automating security policies means putting up guardrails to give employees the proper paths to get their job done. And automation ensures that they are implemented in real-time and ongoing.

To learn more watch Tim Sandage, Security Partners Senior Manager talk about Automating Policy for Stronger Security Controls in his interview to Scoop News Group on our AWS Public Sector Youtube channel here »

Customer stories
Learn more about how our global government customers have improved security with AWS.

State of Maryland transforms social services using AWS

The Maryland Department of Human Services (DHS) uses AWS to host a web portal social services delivery platform that drives cross-agency collaboration, improves service delivery to state residents, enables data integrity, and reduces costs.

Juniper uses AWS to keep aged care services running in times of need

By rolling out AWS remote work and learning solutions, Juniper supports business continuity and connects residents with family and clinicians. Juniper manages aged-care facilities across Western Australia. The organization uses Amazon Chime to facilitate communication between its communities. They use Amazon Connect for distributing recorded information and Amazon WorkSpaces to enable employees to work from home.

How the State of Minnesota quickly delivers services to citizens using the cloud

Using the AWS Cloud for a web portal, Minnesota IT Services (MNIT) gained the agility and automation it needs to quickly and efficiently deliver innovative services to the state's citizens. MNIT is the information-technology agency for the State of Minnesota's executive branch, serving 70 agencies, boards, and commissions within the state.

How Worldreader’s decision to move to the cloud shortened their time to market and saved valuable dollars

Worldreader, a nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing books to children in developing countries, teamed up with soccer team FC Barcelona to send one million eBooks to kids in Africa. The organization needed a website that could accept donations and handle spikes in traffic. Working with AWS and Transcend Computing, Worldreader had its site up and running in only three days.


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