AWS Rapid Adoption Assistance prepares partners for the American AI Initiative

The American AI Initiative directs U.S. government agencies to double down on efforts to advance artificial intelligence (AI) in order to protect and improve the security and economy of our nation. AI and related technologies (including machine learning [ML] and deep learning [DL]) can effectively transform the way the government operates.

AI and ML Rapid Adoption Assistance, is an additional benefit available for members of the Public Sector Partner (PSP) Program under the AWS Partner Network (APN). This initiative provides partners with a direct, scalable, and automated mechanism to reach out to AWS experts for assistance in delivering AI-based solutions that can help U.S. government agencies provide better services United States residents.

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Partner Benefits

Reduce ramp-up time for your AI and ML applications and deliver advanced technology solutions

The AWS AI and ML subject matter experts will help partners build an AI and ML roadmap and accelerate their solution development by guiding through the envision, enablement, and building phases.

Differentiate your business and grow your AWS practice

Develop a business plan to expand your public sector customer base through the American AI Initiative. Achieve recognition for your AI and ML solutions through the government, education and nonprofit competencies, the AWS GovCloud (US) skill, and AWS solution provider programs.

Simplify cloud procurement strategy and build your portfolio

Set the stage to win business and contracts in public sector with dedicated support from the public sector bid and proposal team. Develop core go-to-market assets to highlight your expertise on AWS AI and ML and earn trust with customers.

Public Sector Partner Journey

The AWS AI and ML acceleration team will take you through three phases as part of AI and ML Rapid Adoption Assistance.

  • Envisioning phase

    In a one-day envisioning session, partners learn about AWS AI and ML services. AWS learns about partner goals and needs and facilitates a brainstorm to create a roadmap to competency and adoption. AWS engages with partners to recommend the right AWS AI and ML services, iterates on this, and finalizes a plan including project goals and timeline.

  • Enablement phase

    In this phase, the AWS AI and ML acceleration team continues enablement and education on design implementation. Technical deep dive sessions and use case based workshops are delivered to partners virtually or in person. These sessions will be delivered over a two or three-day period.

  • Build phase

    Partners begin to build their solution with technical support and guidance from the AWS team helping them to complete a proof of concept. At this phase, qualified partners may be eligible for AWS Promotional Credit to help offset the costs of training and development.

Start now

AWS Public Sector Partners that need assistance with a defined use case or who are pursuing a qualified opportunity with an agency can immediately apply to take advantage of AI and ML Rapid Adoption Assistance initiative. By filling out the basic information about their AI and ML project today, partners can apply to gain direct access to AWS AI and ML acceleration team and expedite development of your AWS-powered solution over the next several weeks.
To learn more, speak to your AWS worldwide public sector partner development manager or apply here »

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