Using Predictive Analytics in Industrial IoT Applications


Using Predictive Analytics in Industrial IoT Applications

Broadcast Date:
August 27, 2018

Level 200 | Solutions Best Practices
Predictive maintenance holds great promise to improve industrial operations across many industries including mining, manufacturing, oil and gas, and commercial agriculture. Industrial companies want to reap the benefits of IoT applications, but there is lots to learn to get started. Managing connectivity, integrating with operational technologies, and keeping data and devices secure are significant challenges,especially when the business has strict SLAs for uptime and yield. Join us for a deep dive into how AWS IoT can help you capture the state of industrial equipment so you can identify potential breakdowns before they impact production. You will learn how to create predictive maintenance models and deploy them into your industrial environments. We will explore a reference architecture and IoT sevices such as AWS IoT Analytics, AWS Greengrass and AWS IoT Core.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the AWS reference architecture for IoT predictive maintenance
• Learn how AWS IoT Analytics helps you create predictive maintenance models
• Become familiar with how each AWS IoT services works together for industrial applications

Suited For: Cloud Developers, IoT Enterprise Developers, Software Developers

Speaker(s): Craig Lawton, Solutions Architect, Public Sector, AWS

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