Using AWS IoT & Alexa Skills Kit to Voice-Control Connected Home Devices


Using AWS IoT & Alexa Skills Kit to Voice-Control Connected Home Devices

Broadcast Date:
July 30, 2018

Level 300 | Virtual Workshop
Voice is a natural interface to interact not just with the world around us, but also with physical assets and things, such as connected home devices including lights, thermostats, or TVs. In this tech talk, we are going to show how you can connect and control any device using the Amazon Web Services IoT platform and Alexa Skills Kit. This technical session covers how to build a simple backend service using AWS IoT to support an Alexa Smart Home skill. Session participants will learn the fundamental building blocks for implementing IoT solutions that can utilize voice. Session participants will also learn how to build not only an Alexa Smart Home skill but the virtualized backend in AWS IoT to support physical devices. This session will also walk through an example implementation of a Smart Home backend API using Python and AWS services.

Learning Objectives:
• How AWS IoT can support an endpoint backend for Alexa Smart Home
• How to build an Alexa Smart Home skill that uses AWS IoT via an AWS Lambda function
• Tips, tricks, and troubleshooting callouts for integrating an Alexa Smart Home skill with AWS IoT

Suited For: IoT Developers, Connected Home Developers, Device Manufacturers, Cloud Solution Architects

Speaker(s): Mike Maas, Sr. Evangelist, Alexa; Olawale Oladehin, Sr. IoT Specialist

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