Broadcast Date: March 18, 2019

Level: 200

AWS Lambda has changed the way developers think about building applications. From the granularity of the function-as-a-service model to the event-driven paradigm, Lambda-based applications require some different practices for testing and deployment vs. traditional software development. In this tech talk, we’ll discuss various capabilities of AWS Lambda that you can use to your benefit when it comes to testing and deploying your applications; aliases, versioning, and safe deployments with rollbacks. We’ll cover how to think about environmental stages and code promotion so you can safely deploy and test your applications without impacting customers or service-level availability. We’ll also explore what is possible today for both local and AWS cloud-based testing of your Lambda-based applications.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to develop a versioning and alias strategy for your Lambda functions
  • Learn how to use Lambda Safe Deployments to deploy updates with confidence
  • Learn how to perform local testing as well as hosted testing of your Lambda functions

Who Should Attend?



  • Chris Munns, Principal Developer Advocate, AWS

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