Technical Deep Dive on Amazon EC2 Fleet


Technical Deep Dive on Amazon EC2 Fleet

Broadcast Date:
August 1, 2018

Level 300 | Service Deep Dive
Amazon EC2 Fleet simplifies the provisioning of EC2 capacity across different instance types, Availability Zones and across On-Demand, RIs and Spot purchase models. Learn how you can launch workloads across different instance types, purchase models, and AZs, with a single API call, to optimize scale, performance, and cost. In this session, we will walk you through a few key use cases, a demo of the EC2 Fleet feature, and a few customer examples.

Learning Objectives:
• Reduce Costs: By making it easier to provision infrastructure and combine both Spot and On-Demand in a single application, you can run workloads at the lowest possible cost
• Increase Operational Efficiencies: EC2 fleet allows you to use multiple instance types and purchase models in a single app to provision capacity rapidly at the lowest price, without having to build code with different APIs
• Learn about a few customer examples and how to leverage the full scale of the AWS cloud with EC2 Fleet for faster results

Suited For: Engineers, Developers, IT Personnel, DevOps and Cloud Architects looking to scale workloads in the cloud for less

Speaker(s): Boyd Mcgeachie, Sr. Product Manager, AWS; Chad Schmutzer, Sr. EC2 Spot Specialist SA, AWS

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