Taking Serverless to the Edge


Taking Serverless to the Edge

Broadcast Date:
May 02, 2018

Level 300 | Service How To
Lambda@Edge enables customers to run compute closer to the end viewers resulting in 1.) lower latency to respond to viewer requests, 2.) reduced load on origin servers, 3.) automatic scaling. AWS Lambda enables you to run code without provisioning or managing servers. Lambda@Edge extends this capability by allowing you to write Lambda functions once and execute them everywhere your end viewers are present. This session walks through multiple examples of web applications that use the serverless programming model for authentication, customization, and security to address the question of how to design and deploy intelligent web applications with Lambda@Edge and Amazon CloudFront. Also, David Von Lehman from Aerobatic will join us for a discussion around how they used Lambda@Edge to reduce latency and cloud costs for their customer’s websites.

Learning Objectives:
• Deep dive on Lambda@Edge and the most recent developments
• Learn how to run your Lambda functions at multiple locations closer to the end viewer
• Learn how it can apply to your web development use cases

Suited For: Developers, web developers, startups, software engineers

Speaker(s): Will St. Clair, Sr. Solutions Architect, AWS & David Von Lehman, Founder, Aerobatic

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