AWS Storage Day 2020

Storage | 8 Videos | About 3 hours

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Table of Contents

    • 1. Now Is The Time To Move To AWS Storage

      AWS offers a complete range of services for you to store, access, govern, and analyze your data to reduce costs, increase agility, and accelerate innovation. In this session, we'll highlight the AWS data migration, object storage, file storage, block storage, and backup services that you can leverage to build the foundation of your cloud IT environment and drive business growth.
      You'll learn:
      1. About why now is the time to start or accelerate your journey to AWS and AWS Storage services
      2. About key innovations AWS has delivered since re:Invent 2019, including capabilities we are launching for Storage Day
      3. About getting empowered with information that can accelerate your businesses' results through the use of AWS Storage services
    • 2. Optimizing Amazon S3: Manage, Analyze, and Reduce Storage Costs

      As your dataset grows on Amazon S3, it becomes increasingly valuable to use tools and automation to manage and analyze your data, and optimize storage costs using the S3 storage classes. In this session, we will review key considerations for storing data in both frequently accessed, infrequently accessed, and long-term backup and archive storage. Amazon S3 offers the most flexible management capabilities to classify, report, and visualize your data usage trends so that you can make informed decisions to optimize performance and cost.
      You'll learn:
      1. About Amazon S3 Intelligent-Tiering's new automatic archival with two new access tiers
      2. About saving costs with S3 Lifecycle policies to use the right storage class for your workload
      3. About managing your data with S3 Inventory and S3 Storage Class Analysis
    • 3. Breakdown Data Silos: Why Amazon S3 Is The Best Place To Build Your Data Lake

      Flexibility, security, performance, and cost optimization are key when building and scaling a data lake. The analytics solutions you use in the future will almost certainly be different from the ones you use today, and choosing the right storage foundation gives you the agility to quickly experiment and migrate with the latest analytics solutions. In this session, we'll explore why Amazon S3 is the best place to build your data lake.
      You'll learn:
      1. About why S3 is the best place to build a data lake
      2. About which features to use to optimize your data lake for cost and performance
      3. About your options to efficiently move your data into your data lake
    • 4. What's New with Amazon FSx

      Organizations are migrating their file storage to the cloud to increase agility and lower total cost of ownership. Amazon FSx offers fully managed, feature-rich, and performant file systems with Amazon FSx for Windows File Server for business applications, and FSx for Lustre for compute-intensive workloads. In this session, discover the latest Amazon FSx features to help you simplify your file migration, improve your organizational efficiency, and reduce costs.
      You'll learn:
      1. About why more and more customers are moving from on-premises Network Attached Storage (NAS) to fully managed Amazon FSx
      2. About the latest announcements for your workloads
      3. About how to use AWS Backup with Amazon FSx for centralized backup and compliance for your Amazon FSx file systems
    • 5. What's New with Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS)

      In this session, you'll learn about new Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) features you can use to modernize your applications with persistent file storage for containers and serverless, migrate your Linux file-based workloads to the AWS Cloud, simplify your Amazon EFS console experience, and lower your costs.
      You'll learn:
      1. About Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) enterprise capabilities, AWS integrations, and performance enhancements
      2. About quickly creating new Amazon EFS file systems from the Amazon EC2 Launch Instance Wizard without leaving the Amazon EC2 console
      3. About Amazon EFS integrations with Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS), Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), AWS Fargate, and AWS Lambda
    • 6. What's New with Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS)

      Customers need high-performance block storage for their most critical applications. Join this session to learn how Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS) delivers industry leading availability, security, and performance for your workloads at scale. We will discuss the latest capabilities that will help you optimize security, performance, and backups for your business critical applications including enterprise applications, relational and non-relational databases, containerized applications, and big data analytics engines.
      You'll learn:
      1. About simple, scalable, high-performance block storage
      2. About the continuous innovation from Amazon EBS
      3. About how customers are leveraging EBS for a wide range of workloads
    • 7. What's New in Hybrid Cloud, Edge Computing, and Data Transfer

      In this session, you'll learn about the latest developments around hybrid cloud storage, edge computing, and data transfer pertaining to AWS Storage Gateway, AWS DataSync, AWS Transfer Family, and AWS Snow Family. We will highlight enhancements that help you optimize your data migration, improve your data transfer security and functionality, and strengthen your edge computing capabilities.
      You'll learn:
      1. About how AWS provides a portfolio of data transfer services to provide the right solution for any data migration project
      2. About the new features AWS has launched across hybrid cloud storage, edge computing, and data transfer services as part of Storage Day
      3. About moving on-premises data to AWS for migrations or ongoing workflows
    • 8. Evolve Now With AWS Storage Services In The Cloud

      Join Jeff Barr, VP AWS Evangelism, as he gives his unique perspective on all the new AWS Storage capabilities and solutions that enable you to innovate continuously, extract value from data efficiently, and modernize IT rapidly.
      You'll learn:
      1. About the key Storage Day launch themes focused on cost, performance, management, and integration
      2. About the things you can build and how you can make your existing storage solutions better
      3. About how to head out there, get building, and let us know how we can help


The world continues to create more data than ever before with organizations expecting 30-40% data growth annually. Capturing, analyzing, and protecting this data is an exponentially increasing challenge. Organizations relying on on-premises storage often deal with issues such as inherited storage silos, tightened IT budgets, and unpredictable resource requirements. With AWS Storage services, resources are available as you need them. You reduce the time to make those resources available to your organization from weeks to minutes. You can focus on unlocking value from your data instead of spending time managing your infrastructure. Now is the time to move your storage workloads to AWS to increase agility, reduce TCO, and optimize costs for storage in the cloud. Join us for AWS Storage Day 2020 by viewing the on-demand videos above to learn what's new across the AWS Storage portfolio.

Learning Objectives

  • Objective One

    Learn why now is the time to start or accelerate your journey to AWS and AWS Storage services

  • Objective Two

    Learn what's new across the AWS Storage portfolio

  • Objective Three

    Learn how to increase agility, reduce TCO, and optimize costs with AWS Storage

Who Should Watch?

    Anyone involved in building storage solutions, provisioning storage to hosts, managing data, and protecting data.