Large CPG companies are complex entities with many departments, lines of business, and processes that enable the design, manufacturing, marketing, and distribution of a wide array of products and brands.

As successful CPGs grow and adapt to keep pace with evolving consumer preferences, that complexity increases. Over time, however, outdated systems, workarounds, and technical debt can take their toll on an organization with diminished innovation, increased cost, and slower time to market. 

In our new eBook, entitled “Drive Costs Out: How AWS helps large CPG companies simplify and scale to drive operational efficiencies,” we’ll explain key strategies to streamline your organization to facilitate growth. We’ll also cover:

  • The benefits of simplifying a CPG company.
  • Innovators that have used AWS technologies to simplify their organizations.
  • A 3-point plan to drive out complexities with digital transformation.

Download the eBook now to learn how your company can deploy AWS technologies to simplify processes, scale operations, accelerate innovation, and act with agility of a start-up.

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