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Broadcast Date: June 10, 2020

In this session - the third in a five-part series - you will process images asynchronously from a front-end application. In the theme park application, guests can upload photos, and the backend composites these images. We'll review how you can achieve complex image processing like chromakey and compositing at scale. Expect to leave with a solid understanding of how to run an image-processing algorithm in response to S3 events and chain S3 buckets and Lambda functions together to create simple workflows. In the next session, we'll build on this further to gain statistics and insights on the application and the business.

In this episode, we'll talk about:

  • Running image processing algorithm in response to S3 events
  • Chaining S3 buckets and Lambda functions to create simple workflows
  • Using Lambda Layers and mixing runtimes in serverless workloads

Who should attend?

Front-end and Backend Developers, IT Professionals, Systems Architects


Your own non-production AWS account with administrator access.


  • James Beswick, Sr. Developer Advocate, AWS

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