Secure Your Amazon Elasticsearch Service Domain


Secure Your Amazon Elasticsearch Service Domain

Broadcast Date:
September 17, 2018

Level 200 | Service Deep Dive
Amazon Elasticsearch Service (Amazon ES) provides many different security layers, each of which gives you the opportunity to control access to the domain’s data. How do you set access control for Kibana? What if you have Active Directory, LDAP, or other federated identity providers? Should you use a public endpoint or launch your Amazon Elasticsearch Service domain in your VPC? How should you write your IAM policy or policies? In this webinar we’ll review the access control tools provided by Amazon ES and show you how to define and set the security model for your domain.

Learning Objectives:
• Understand the multi-level security features we have
• Know how to employ Amazon Cognito for Kibana access
• Know how to implement common security roles with IAM

Suited For: DevOps, Developers, Architects, Security Architects

Speaker(s): Jon Handler, Principal Solutions Architect, AWS

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