Running Kubernetes with Amazon EKS


Running Kubernetes with Amazon EKS

Broadcast Date:
March 19, 2018

Level 200 | Service Intro
Kuberentes offers a powerful abstraction layer for managing containerized infrastructure. But installing and managing Kubernetes yourself is complex and time-consuming. With Amazon EKS, developers can run Kubernetes on AWS, without having to manage their master nodes or etcd persistence layer. In this webinar we'll cover the basics of Amazon EKS and show you how it makes deploying Kubernetes on AWS simple and scalable.

Learning Objectives:
• What is Amazon EKS
• How Amazon EKS helps you run Kubernetes on AWS
• Timelines for availability and next steps

Suited For: Developers, anyone using Kubernetes on premise or in the cloud

Speaker(s): Chris Hein, Solutions Architect, AWS

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