June 24 | 9:00 - 10:00 AM PT

( 12:00 - 1:00 PM ET )

A serverless approach to application design enables organizations to avoid the most common security vulnerabilities without slowing down the release cycle. But for many, it also introduces questions about how serverless security works and how it applies to the unique security requirements of your business.

In this chat, AWS Senior Principal Engineers Becky Weiss and Marc Brooker discuss how security strategies have changed to support modern application and how serverless security is applied under the hood. They'll cover the most common areas of vulnerability including misapplied patches and updates, malicious code and runtime security, overly permissive access, and network segmentation, and share the ways that serverless technologies address these areas. Expect to leave with a solid understanding of how a serverless security strategy functions technically and how it can be operationalized in your business.

In this episode, we'll talk about:

  • How security is applied and managed in serverless applications under-the-hood
  • Best practices for protecting your functions from malicious event data
  • How identity and access management is applied in a serverless operational model

Who should attend?

Security and Operations leaders, CTOs CIOs, Engineering and IT leaders, and anyone interested in understanding how security is applied and managed in serverless applications


  • Marc Brooker
    Sr. Principal Engineer, AWS Lambda

    Marc Brooker is a Senior Principal Engineer at Amazon Web Services. He has worked at AWS since 2008 on multiple services including EC2, EBS and IoT. Today, he focuses on AWS Lambda, including work on scaling and virtualization. Marc really enjoys reading COEs and post-mortems. He holds a PhD in electrical engineering.


  • Becky Weiss
    Sr. Principal Engineer, AWS Identity

    Becky Weiss is a Senior Principal Engineer at Amazon Web Services. Her current focus is on Identity and Access Management and in the past, she has worked on Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, AWS Lambda, and AWS Professional Services to help enterprise customers successfully secure their environments in AWS. Becky also happens to be AWS’s biggest fan, and, in her spare time, she builds all manner of useful and useless things on AWS.