QuickSight ML Insights Preview

Amazon QuickSight ML Insights is now available for preview

Using Amazon’s proven machine learning (ML) and natural language capabilities, QuickSight makes it easy for every user in your organization to find unexpected trends and anomalies across millions of metrics, learn what is causing those trends and anomalies, and receive that information automatically via plain language narratives.

Machine learning powered insights

QuickSight uses Amazon's proven machine learning technology to continuously analyze all your data, detect anomalies, and send proactive email alerts. Using QuickSight, you can also identify the top contributors to any change in your business metrics, such as higher-than-expected sales or a dip in your website traffic. With QuickSight, no manual analysis, custom development, or ML domain expertise are required.

Natural language narratives

QuickSight automatically summarizes key insights into plain language narratives and embeds them in your QuickSight dashboards. This creates a shared understanding of the data within your organization and helps you make decisions faster. QuickSight is like providing a personal data analyst to all of your users.

Machine learning based forecasting

With a built-in, ML-powered predictive algorithm, QuickSight allows non-technical users to easily forecast their key business metrics with support for complex scenarios like seasonality and outliers.

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