How local authorities can use data to better support their citizens and unlock hidden savings.

Public Sector: AWS Partner seminars with Splunk

Discover how to increase data visibility across local authorities to create long-term citizen value.

Splunk understands the challenges UK local authorities face when it comes to secure data access and a lack of visibility across platforms. They also know how this can lead to service interruptions that can then impact the citizen experience. Working closely with local councils, they help them uncover hidden data to transform operations, cut costs, and improve overall efficiency.

During the webinar, learn about the implications of quick-fix, pandemic-driven implementations to home working and digital services. See how this can affect how you monitor your cloud services and your ability to use data to deliver true value for the wider organisation.

Ready to maximise platform ROI and take decisive actions through real-time, data-driven insights? Learn more about out how Splunk’s Data-to-Everything Platform can help you access powerful performance, consumption, and usage visibility, by registering here for their on-demand webinar with Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Mark Woods, Chief Technical Advisor, EMEA at Splunk
Kris Burtwistle, Local Government Manager, UK and Ireland, at AWS


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