Overview of Serverless Application Deployment Patterns


Overview of Serverless Application Deployment Patterns

Broadcast Date:
January 23, 2018

Level 400 | Solutions Best Practices
What are the different techniques to deploy and roll out updates to serverless applications that run on AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway? How do you update production Lambda functions safely? Join this webinar to review common deployment patterns and how to start implementing them. We will review topics such as CI/CD with AWS SAM, traffic shifting between Lambda function versions, using AWS CodeDeploy to automatically roll out and test new versions, and how to perform canary releases with API Gateway.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn different techniques for deploying serverless applications
• Understand best practices for safe deployments
• Learn to use AWS SAM for your deployments

Suited For: Developers, DevOps Engineers, Software Engineers, Architects, and anyone interested in serverless

Speaker(s): Chris Munns, Senior Developer Advocate, AWS

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