Optimizing Application Performance and Costs with Auto Scaling

Optimizing Application Performance and Costs with Auto Scaling

June 20 | 1:00 PM - 1:45 PM PT (4:00 PM - 4:45 PM ET)

Level 200 | Service Intro
Many applications must maintain steady application performance, even when demand is unpredictable or unexpected. Without enough resources, your applications can experience downtime or sluggish response times. With too many resources, you could end up paying for cloud services you don't really need. In this tech talk, you'll learn when and how to apply Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling, Application Auto Scaling, and AWS Auto Scaling to take full advantage of the elasticity of the cloud while lowering your cloud spend. We'll contrast and compare the various scaling options that AWS provides to help you select the right option for your use case and share best practices learned from some of our largest customers. Don't miss this tech talk if you have applications running on Amazon EC2 Instances, Amazon EC2 Spot Fleets, Amazon ECS, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Aurora, Amazon EMR, Amazon AppStream 2.0, or Amazon SageMaker.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn which scaling solution is right for you
• Understand the benefits of AWS Auto Scaling
• See how to setup AWS Auto Scaling for your applications

Who Should Attend: Developers, DevOps Engineers, Cloud Architects

Speaker(s): Anoop Kapoor, Senior Product Manager, AWS Auto Scaling, AWS

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