Operating Your Serverless API in Production at Scale


Operating Your Serverless API in Production at Scale

Broadcast Date:
March 20, 2018

Level 400 | Service Deep Dive
In this session, you will learn how to deploy, monitor and manage your serverless APIs in production. We will deep dive into advanced capabilities of API Gateway that enable customers to build large scale data ingesting applications and dynamic websites. We will show you how to set up alarming and analyze logging for Amazon API Gateway and AWS Lambda using Amazon CloudWatch, and automate common maintenance and management tasks for your services. In addition, we will review latest features that provide customers more control over their integrations and more insight into API usage.

Learning Objectives:
• Learn to run production APIs with Amazon API Gateway
• Set up alarming and analyze logs for your API with Amazon CloudWatch
• Review the newest API Gateway features

Suited For: Developers, Software Engineers, Solutions Architects, IT Professionals, anyone interested in serverless

Speaker(s): Bob Kinney, Sr. SDE, AWS

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