O'Reilly eBook: An Introduction to Cloud Databases

A Guide for Administrators

Break free and discover the world of cloud databases

Cloud deployments have not only changed the way companies run mission critical databases, they have transformed the roles of many administrators in production.

In this eBook from O'Reilly Media and compliments of AWS, database and system administrators, IT managers, and DevOps engineers can get a concise overview of what it takes to deploy databases in the cloud. The eBook explores the types of databases available, the differences between standard managed database services and cloud-native databases, and key considerations when planning the migration of on-premises databases to the cloud.

Authors Wendy Neu, Vlad Vlasceanu, Andy Oram, and Sam Alapati explain how high-performing, high availability cloud environments enable database administrators to focus on their core competencies, such as designing databases and optimizing applications, while the cloud providers handle the organization’s routine infrastructure needs. 

With this O'Reilly report provided compliments of AWS, you'll learn:
  • The pros and cons of database options in the cloud, including managed, self-managed, and cloud native.
  • How the cloud transforms a DBA’s role, including the new tasks a DBA needs to learn when cloud vendors assume traditional administrative tasks.
  • Steps required for migrating your databases to the cloud, such as planning, data transfer, and optimization.

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