The AWS In Spotlight Webinar Series

AWS In Spotlight - Webinar Series | Nordics


The AWS Initiate Day online is coming to the Nordics

Join us for the AWS Initiate Day online. Attend the public sector focused management and technical sessions and discover Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions to jump start your cloud journey.

Learn about digital transformation with machine learning, data migration, security, cost optimization and more. Our AWS experts share best practices from Nordic public sector organizations on cloud adoption and innovation in the cloud.

Discover how to:

  • Implement cloud solutions within your existing infrastructure and benefit from AWS solutions immediately
  • Leverage big data and artificial intelligence
  • Debunk some of the most prevalent cloud security myths and more

Choose your track

Management Track - May 26
Technical Track - May 27
10:00 - 10:30
AWS and cloud foundations

Join this session to unlock a foundational understanding of the cloud. What is cloud computing and its advantages? Learn more about types of cloud computing and the differences between on premises services versus Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS). Dive into how AWS capacity matches your organizational demand and charges only for what you use. See how AWS offers lower costs due to economies of scale and provides service from vendors versed in running large-scale networks. Learn about AWS services and infrastructure—including AWS Regions and Availability Zones—and trace the evolution of AWS since its early beginnings.

Security framework shakedown: Chart your journey with AWS best practice

As with everything in life, there is an easy way and a hard way when it comes to adopting security framework recommendations. Featuring the AWS Well-Architected and Cloud Adoption Frameworks, join this session to walk through a complete security journey.

10:30 - 11:00
Cost optimization on AWS

By understanding the costs associated with existing application workloads or new ones, the AWS Cloud economics team helps our large customers around the world develop a sound business case for the cloud. Once the foundations are in place, our customers pay for what they need on AWS. The AWS cost-optimization techniques enhance customers' ability to effectively manage their cost and increase ROI.
Building data lakes and data analytics on AWS

In this session, discover how to understand what data you have, drive insights, and make predictions using purpose-built AWS services. Learn about the common pitfalls of building data lakes and see how to leverage your data successfully.
11:00 - 11:30

Top cloud security myths dispelled

In this session, hear answers to the most common cloud security questions that we hear from customers. Dive deep into detailed answers for each question, distilled from AWS experts’ practical experience working with organizations around the world. This session is for everyone who is curious, cautious, or excited about the cloud.

Driving digital transformation using machine learning

Our mission at AWS is to put machine learning in the hands of every developer. In this session, take a close look at how you can build intelligent applications effortlessly using some of the AWS artificial intelligence services for forecasting, recommendations, image and video recognition, language and speech understanding, chatbots, and much more.

Join us for our AWS in Spotlight webinar series and learn more about the topics below, now available on-demand.

AWS In Spotlight: EdTech
Now on-demand
Watch this webinar to learn about Amazon Web Services (AWS) and discover how EdTechs can use the cloud to grow and optimize their organizations.
Hear from Linn Veronica Bredesen, chief technology officer, itslearning, on the company’s cloud strategy. Hear key learnings and benefits of the power of the cloud to scale operations and improve customer experience when needed most.

Ana Cavez, Business Development Manager Education, EMEA, AWS
Linn Veronica Bredesen, Chief Technology Officer, itslearning

AWS In Spotlight: Research
Now on-demand
Researchers around the world use cloud technology to quickly analyze massive data pipelines, store petabytes of data, and share their results with collaborators around the world. Watch this webinar to learn how AWS helps researchers process complex workloads by providing the cost-effective, scalable, and secure compute, storage, and database capabilities needed to accelerate time-to-science.

Philip Ewels, Lead for Bioinformatics Development, National Genomics Infrastructure, SciLifeLab

AWS In Spotlight: Healthcare
Now on-demand
Healthcare organizations use big data, machine learning, and other digital services to scale their operations when needed. Watch this webinar to hear how cloud technology helps healthcare organizations innovate, make their services accessible, and act fast to aid emergencies.

AWS In Spotlight: Digital Government
Now changed to on-demand only
The world of digital government is changing quickly. Driven by new ideas and a demand for data, the global community needs innovative ways to turn their ideas into reality. Learn how moving to cloud technology helps countries share new ways of thinking and ideas. 

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