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At NRF 2023: Retail's Big Show, AWS showcased unified commerce in action through AWS, Amazon, and partner technology demonstrations. We curated 40 Retail TechTalks to showcase experiences with breakthrough technology, the latest in retail trends and technologies, and more. Content from a selection of these sessions can be found below.

Connect with AWS retail experts

AWS Big Ideas sessions

Hear from our customers and AWS Partners who participated in the AWS Big Ideas sessions.

Composable commerce allows Chico’s to deliver seamless brand experience across all channels

  • Molly Langenstein, CEO & President, Chico’s FAS Inc.
  • Jay Topper, Chief Digital Officer, Chico’s FAS Inc.
  • Faisal Masud, CEO, Fabric
  • Krithika Ganesamoorthi, Global Partner Solutions Architecture Leader for Consumer Verticals, AWS

Building and deploying a mobile POS and RFID solution on AWS

  • Ben Pivar, CIO, Carter’s
  • Justin Honaman, Head of Worldwide Consumer Products & Retail GTM, AWS

Neiman Marcus’s cloud journey to transform luxury retail on AWS

  • Vijay Karthik, SVP and Chief Technology Officer, Neiman Marcus Group
  • Sriram Vaidyanathan, VP of Product Deployment & Engineering, Neiman Marcus Group
  • Justin Honaman, Head of Worldwide Consumer Products & Retail GTM, AWS

How Just Walk Out technology by Amazon is evolving the customer journey

  • Jon Jenkins, VP of Physical Stores for Just Walk Out technology by Amazon, AWS
  • Chris Ludy, SVP, Digital, Food Services, Compass Digital


Unified commerce in action

Your customers are on a journey, and they engage you at their convenience. They may start, continue, and finish their journeys in your stores, on the web, and, increasingly, on mobile or social channels. You want to be a great companion on those journeys, and AWS can help.


Experience the store of the future

Elevate the retail experience with Just Walk Out technology by Amazon, and offer your customers the most innovative physical store shopping experiences, enabled by computer vision, sensor fusion, and deep learning. At NRF 2023, just walk into the AWS booth to experience Just Walk Out technology by Amazon.


Understand the evolution of digital customer experience

Learn how AWS and its partners deliver the most compelling digital shopping experiences across digital channels. From livestream shopping, augmented reality, and virtual try-on to headless commerce and expedited checkout, AWS helps you stay at the cutting edge of industry innovation.


Know your customer across physical and digital channels

Understand your customers across channels with transactional and behavioral insights. You may know your customers online, but how about in the store? AWS powers personalization and predictive intelligence by augmenting your digital analytics with in-store video analytics and intelligent customer data platforms (CDP). We create deep insight on customer behaviors to unlock more personalized and profitable consumer experiences.


Optimize the retail value chain from planning to the last mile

Predict demand, build assortments, and deliver on customer expectations with solutions powered by AWS. AI/ML has transformed how retailers buy, sell, and deliver products. At NRF 2023, planning, forecasting, supply chain, and store experts help retailers learn how they can optimize every segment of the supply chain, from initial plans to fulfilling the last mile, using solutions from AWS and our partners.

Retail Orphan Initiative (RetailROI): SuperSaturday at NRF 2023
AWS proudly sponsored RetailROI SuperSaturday 2023. The purpose of RetailROI is to raise awareness and provide real solutions for the more than 400 million vulnerable children worldwide.

Learn more about RetailROI SuperSaturday event »


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