As organizations accelerate their cloud migrations for greater flexibility, they’re getting away from legacy technologies that constrain their ability to innovate and replacing them with cloud-native solutions. Thus, application modernization is critical for independent software vendors (ISVs) to retain existing customers and win the business of prospective new customers. With two decades of data management expertise, Virtusa understands that data is at the center of almost all strategic business initiatives and can provide you with the tools needed to accelerate application modernization.

Learn about

  • The benefits of modernizing applications with Amazon Aurora, including reaching new customers, differentiating your solution, and cost reductions.

  • How Virtusa can accelerate your application modernization on AWS using their own proprietary automation tools and established AWS tools and frameworks.

  • Virtusa’s approach to assessing your existing database environment and determining the best tools and strategies for moving your application to AWS, leveraging the AWS Workload Qualification Framework.



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