Organizations are demanding more from their software providers and are increasingly abandoning rigid, expensive, and restrictive legacy technology in favor of more flexible, cost-effective cloud solutions. As they make this journey, they want solutions that free them from the burden of their legacy technologies, such as commercial databases. In the face of these changes, independent software vendors (ISVs) need to modernize their approach to application development and offer flexible, cloud-native solutions that do not require their customers to purchase and manage commercial databases. Many organizations are turning to Amazon Aurora as a solution that can provide the best of both worlds. Onica knows AWS, and in this eBook, learn how they can help you leverage your expertise as an ISV to build modern software applications on Amazon Aurora.

Learn how

  • ISVs can tap into AWS customer base, simplify adoption for customers, and be more responsive to customer needs when running applications on AWS using Amazon Aurora.

  • Onica can help you accelerate your application modernization on Amazon Aurora by providing guidance around architectural design, security and compliance, and cost optimization.

  • Alistair Group reaped the benefits of Amazon Aurora with Onica’s help to flexibly and cost-effectively store data at a persistent state.



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