Canadian SMB Manufacturers: Driving Transformation in the Cloud

Canadian SMB Virtual Event Series
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About the webinar:

Join us for a special virtual event designed for Canadian SMB manufacturing innovators.

For SMB manufacturers, there are many challenges to overcome on the path to business transformation. These challenges include supply chain crunches, quality control issues, and plant floor inefficiencies. To differentiate your business, you need to enable innovation, fully leverage your data, and increase agility—all while controlling operating costs.

As the world’s leading cloud platform, Amazon Web Services (AWS) understands the unique needs of SMB manufacturers like you. We know that smaller manufacturers don’t always have the resources to implement new technologies and manage infrastructures. Using the advanced capabilities of the cloud, you can scale to accommodate fast business growth and be part of a community in which local Canadian companies can share and learn from one another.

Please join us for a special fireside chat roundtable recording featuring conversations with Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) company Mobiltex and Mosaic Manufacturing. These manufacturers will share what they've learned as they migrated to AWS and how the cloud is helping them scale and innovate.

Who should attend:

SMB leaders across all lines of business, including innovation, digital, product, finance, marketing, sales, HR, operations, and technology.


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During challenging times, some companies pause their focus on innovation due to a variety of economic or operational pressures. However, history has shown that companies regardless of any size, who find the right balance between efficiency and innovation have a higher probability of long-term success. Richard Halkett, Worldwide Lead, Digital Innovation, AWS, Inc. shares how his Digital Innovation team uses methodologies inspired by Amazon’s innovation mechanisms (e.g. Working Backwards) to help customers explore their own business challenges regarding innovation during challenging times. This on-demand webinar is designed to empower and enable Canadian small and midsize businesses with the knowledge required to survive, thrive, and differentiate their business.

Join us for an on-demand webinar designed for Canadian SMB innovators and change-makers.

AWS Head of World Wide Digital Innovation, Richard Halkett, will share Amazon’s innovation methodology, blueprint, and the principles we have used to create different lines of businesses, including Amazon Kindle and Alexa.

You will learn:
  • How technology fuels Amazon’s pace of innovation
  • How to use these principles in your organization to innovate faster, and at scale
  • Best practices you can use in your organization to solve problems, delight customers, and bring big ideas to life
Who should attend:
SMB Innovation leaders across all lines of business including innovation, digital, product, finance, marketing, sales, HR, operations, and technology.

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