Rethink how to hire and retain top performing talent


Air date: Wednesday, August 31, 2022 


Recruiting and retaining state and local government staff is difficult. Agencies are facing a surge in retirement rates and a shortage of applicants for critical jobs, along with competition from the private sector companies who have more flexibility in pay and benefits.

Forward-thinking organizations like Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Executive Office for Administration and Finance are restructuring to better engage employees. And workforce organizations, like Technical College System of Georgia (TSCG), are also partnering with agencies to identify reskilling needs.

Join the on-demand webinar to hear experts from these organizations and Amazon Web Services (AWS) discuss how state and local governments are evolving their staffing strategy and collaborating with workforce organizations to strengthen their workforce. You’ll also learn about how AWS is impacting workforce through programs like AWS Training & Certification, AWS Cloud Innovation Centers, and more.

Learning objectives

  • Changing applicant and employer requirements
  • Best practices for hiring and retaining staff
  • What you can do today to start meeting your staffing goals

Who should attend

State and local government senior level leadership (C-level, director, deputies, etc.), information technology (IT) leaders, or business leaders.


Robin Healey headshot    Robin Healey, Secretariat Chief Information Officer, Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Executive Office of Administration and Finance

Robin leads a team of 200+ IT professionals, supporting the IT needs of numerous government agencies, boards, and commissions. Her goal is to deliver business value to her organization through the use of technology.

Prior to her time at Administration and Finance, Robin was the Chief Information Officer for the Massachusetts State Treasury.

Robin also spent many years in the private sector, serving as manager and software engineer in MathWorks, Massachusetts Information Technology Lincoln Laboratory, and Hewlett Packard, as well as adjunct faculty member at Northeastern University, teaching Computer Science classes.

Karen Kirchler headshot Karen Kirchler, Deputy Commissioner of Workforce Development, Technical College System of Georgia

Karen oversees the administration and distribution of the state’s federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title I funding through the Office of Workforce Development.

Prior to accepting this role in 2021, Karen served as the Senior Executive Director of Economic Development for the Technical College System of Georgia, coordinating resources and support for the Economic Development divisions within each of the System’s twenty-two technical colleges.

Rebecca Allyn headshot Rebecca Allyn, United States Education to Workforce Team Leader, AWS

Rebecca focuses on partnering with state governments and education institutions to prepare students around the world to pursue in-demand cloud roles.

Prior to joining AWS, in 2018 Rebecca led corporate upskilling efforts at the General Assembly, working with clients including Walmart, Exxon-Mobil, L’Oreal, and the United States Air Force to transform their workforce with intensive training, assessments, and hiring pipelines.

Kimberley Williams headshot Kimberley Williams, Leader of the United States State & Local Government and Education Advisory Team, AWS

Kimberley is a growth-oriented strategist and marketing executive experienced in revenue acceleration, market definition, brand development, product visioning, and technical sales.

Over her 25 years of experience, she’s worked with enterprise software giants including Informatica, Curam Software (IBM), PeopleSoft, and Oracle. Kimberley leads a team of former government and education executives, who function as industry thought leaders.

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