Thinking out cloud: How cloud is changing IT and software procurement

Software has undergone a massive transformation in the last decade with an absolute profusion of purpose-built, user-centric options. Now, as public sector customers adopt software marketplaces, software procurement is at the precipice of a similar quantum jump.

Watch the on-demand recording to hear a customer discussion on how cloud and software marketplaces are transforming information technology (IT) procurement.

You will learn how:
  • AWS Marketplace centralizes procurement software solutions
  • Centralized software procurement can reduce budget waste and shadow IT
  • Procurement can help IT counterparts speed innovation with AWS Marketplace

Khurram Tahir   Khurram Tahir
Leader, SLG/EDU Small and Medium Organizations
Amazon Web Services
Daniel Hintz   Danielle Hinz
Executive Government Advisor
Amazon Web Services
Ryan Blackwell Ryan Blackwell
Cloud Operations Leader
Tufts Medicine
Brandi Steckel   Brandi Steckel
Leader, SLG/EDU Marketplace
Amazon Web Services
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