Slalom Consulting, a global firm with a local connection, is a Premier Partner with AWS. We help clients design, build, migrate and manage their AWS deployments

  • Managing on premise data centers is inefficient, expensive and it limits your ability to scale
  • Running Microsoft workloads on AWS delivers familiarity at lower cost, with enhanced security, reliability and performance
  • Get started with a lightweight proof-of-concept and take advantage of special partner funding programs to accelerate your journey

Offer Details

  • Three tiers of POC: Enable, Experiment and Execute
  • Enable: Full or half day workshop covering all aspects of migration.
  • Experiment: Migrate a small number of servers with an accelerated, fully automated process using CI/CD
  • Execute: Refactor a workload or application and deploy into fully functional environment
  • Duration can be from 1 week to 8 weeks

Offer Benefits

  • A proof of concept to understand benefits and use cases in short timeframe
  • Helps assess options and validate the platform
  • Embracing the cloud can help your business become more agile and extensible, help you realize ROI faster and deliver more value to customers

Get Started Now with Slalom!

Let’s get you started on your cloud journey. Reach out to Jonathan Granby ([email protected]), AWS Field Team @ Slalom Consulting, or your local Slalom office to get things underway

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Slalom Consulting has over 6,000 employees in 27 locations globally, and more than 300 AWS certified consultants. Slalom holds AWS competencies in Migrations, Windows Workloads, Machine Learning, Data & Analytics, DevOps, Financial Services, Education and more.

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