Raise the Bar on Customer Experience

Unlocking Insights Trapped in Customer Conversation

When it comes to Customer Experience, growth companies have one major thing in common. They listen to their customers – like REALLY listen. Your customers are talking all of the time, even when you aren’t explicitly asking them a question. Are you listening? Join AWS and Slalom to learn about the potential blind spots of traditional customer insight methods and discuss how advances in AI/ML and analytics can unlock a treasure trove of customer insights using data you already have - your customer’s conversations.

Length: 1 Hour

Who Should Attend: Customer Experience, Marketing, Customer Service/Support, Sales, Data Scientists, Business/Market Intelligence, Product Management

Webinar Agenda:
Experience-led Business Strategies
How Non-Traditional Data Sources can Improve Your Customer Insights
Customer Conversations: Giving true meaning to ‘Voice of the Customer’
Conversation-driven Examples: Trend Spotting, Channel Experience, Competitive Intelligence, and More
Getting Started with Customer Conversations using AI and ML

Chris Featherstone, Language and Speech, AWS
Ashish Khare, Language and Speech, AWS
Greg Merrell, Principal Customer Insights Data Scientist, Slalom
Lisa Fairbanks, Customer Experience, AWS

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