From Insight to Action: AI/ML’s Role in a New World of Retail

On Demand Webinar

Join AWS, our Advanced Consulting Partner Peak, and a community of Retail and CPG leaders for a virtual event on how retail businesses are navigating the quickly evolving global economy.

Our discussion will focus on how data and AI can be used quickly and effectively to help make better decisions, improve demand forecasting, expedite innovation, and ensure we are able to engage shoppers and consumers in a highly personalized way.

Who Should Attend:
Business and IT leaders, Digital Transformation Directors, as well as Heads of Data Science and Analytics who are interested in learning about the impact AI/ML is having on the Retail and CPG industries.

In this webinar, we will cover:

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Tom Litchford - AWS Global Lead, Retail
Data Unification is Key
How to use new and multiple data sources to put AI to work quickly.

Tom Summerfield - PEAK Retail Director
There’s Data Out There to Help You - AWS Data Exchange
We will be discussing 3rd party data sets that retailers and CPG’s are using to make smarter decisions.

Mohsen Malik - AWS Data Exchange Business Development Lead
Personalization is the New Norm - AWS Personalize
How ML is helping CPG’s and retailers to deliver highly personalized customer experiences.

Zoe Hillenmeyer - AWS Applied AI Principal Tech Business Development Manager
ML Driven Forecasting - AWS Forecast
How machine learning is helping retailers and CPGs to improve forecast accuracy.

Zoe Hillenmeyer - AWS Applied AI Principal Tech Business Development Manager
Organizing Data for AI/ML Success
Carter’s data enablement strategy in the cloud.

Matt Kott - Carter Inc. Global Data + Analytics (IT) Director
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Closing Comments

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