Modernize your application development and delivery

Organizations continue to accelerate their cloud migrations in hopes of getting greater flexibility and value from the technology they use. As they make this transition, they’re seeking to get away from legacy technologies that limit their flexibility. Expensive and restrictive commercial databases tend to be among the most burdensome components of these technology landscapes. To maintain your existing customers and win the business of prospective new customers, you need to address these preferences head on by modernizing your applications on the cloud.

Virtusa, is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner that can help accelerate your application modernization journey on AWS using Amazon Aurora, a database offering that combines the performance and availability of traditional enterprise databases with the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of open source databases. This transition will also enable you to innovate faster, to stop focusing on database management, and to reduce costs and pass those savings on to your customers.


Featured APN Partner

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Virtusa accelerates business outcomes for customers through expert-level information technology consulting and outsourcing services. The experts at Virtusa support a wide variety of firms with services that span the entire spectrum of the IT services lifecycle.


Reach New Customers Through Application Modernization

Learn how to move away from expensive commercial databases and how you can release new features in response to customer demand faster.

Benefits of application modernization

Reach new customers
Virtusa helps accelerate your application modernization on AWS so you can reach millions of AWS customers who are looking for cloud-native solutions and grow your business.
Support new pricing models
Virtusa can help you deliver software-as-a-service and deployment models, to provide your customers more flexibility and lower TCO.

Differentiate your applications
Innovate faster and differentiate your application by leveraging the wide array of services offered by AWS, such as advanced data analytics, machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT).