Deliver the flexibility your customers are looking for

Organizations continue to move their IT landscapes to the cloud to be more flexible, agile, and cost-effective. As they make this journey, they want solutions that free them from the rigidness of their legacy technologies, such as restrictive, expensive commercial databases. To keep pace with these changes and stay relevant, independent software vendors (ISVs) need to modernize their application development.

Onica is an AWS Partner Network (APN) Premier Consulting Partner that has significant experience helping ISVs build their solutions on native AWS services. This, in turn, enables end customers to deploy the ISV’s solutions without buying commercial database licenses or other third-party tools. Onica’s AWS expertise means that ISVs can continue to focus on building great apps, while Onica focuses on building out a cloud environment that will support continued business growth.


Featured APN Partner


Work with Onica’s team of AWS experts for an overview of the technologies you can use to modernize your application on AWS. Then, optionally design an AWS architecture to use in your modernization initiatives.


Grow Your Business Through Application Modernization

Discover how to increase customer adoption of your software through simplification and how to use AWS to roll out new features faster.

Benefits of modernizing your application development


Drive new sales
By getting your application up and running on AWS, you can reach customers who are looking for cloud-native solutions or to avoid purchasing commercial database licenses.

Build on native AWS services
Transitioning to Amazon Aurora and other native AWS services means your customers don’t have to purchase restrictive commercial database licenses or other third-party tools. Support for deployment models like software-as-a-service allows your customers to run your solution in the way that best aligns with their needs.


Continuously improve applications
Onica will show you how to increase developer productivity and agility on AWS, so you can continue to add features and offer a better product to your customers.