Modernize your application development & delivery

As your customers accelerate their cloud migration, they expect your solutions to provide the same flexibility and technical freedom, without the restrictions of legacy technology. Moreover, they do not expect to carry the high costs of commercial databases. To address these customer demands, it's crucial to modernize your approach to application development with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to remain competitive and continue reaching new customers.

mLogica delivers enterprise-scale application modernization services that empower you to transform your legacy environment into an AWS-native cloud infrastructure using Amazon Aurora. As a result, you will deliver modern, high-performing solutions to your customers with the speed, flexibility, and cost-efficiency of the cloud.


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Connect with mLogica to explore a wide range of flexible delivery models, including: blended, onsite, and remote options. Consulting services are also available for Cyber Security, Big Data, Database Management, Data Analysis, Enterprise Data Integration, and Project Management.


Accelerate Your Application Modernization Timeline Up To 70%

Discover best practices for eliminating dependencies on commercial databases and transitioning to AWS-native services.

Benefits of modernizing your application development

Faster time-to-market
mLogica’s depth of experience, repeatable process, and comprehensive toolset – including automation and machine learning engines – enable you to quickly get up and running on AWS.
Proven expertise and transparency
mLogica experts will educate you along the way so you are aware of every detail about your migration, and can hit the ground running in your new cloud environment.
Reduced human error
Machine learning and automation tools are used to rapidly translate your existing databases onto the cloud, in an AWS-native format, without requiring any manual execution.
Lower costs
Spend less on migration, retire legacy infrastructure, and replace costly commercial database licensing and maintenance with AWS pay-as-you-go pricing models.

Accelerate ROI
mLogica and AWS can help you realize ROI faster by migrating your existing on-premises customers to your cloud-native, Amazon Aurora-based application.