Architect for your customers' future

As customers are accelerating their cloud migration, they expect high availability, flexibility, and scalability from your applications – without the restrictions and costs of commercial databases. To meet their business demands, it's crucial to modernize your applications for the cloud.

Amazon Aurora, a MySQL and PostgreSQL database service, delivers the highly scalable and performant resources necessary to deliver software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications at scale. However, moving away from your commercial databases is more than just a database migration. Many development shops do not have the background or resources available to perform efficient database transformations. In addition, they don’t know enough about the AWS platform to take advantage of the services available.

Simplify the modernization and migration of your applications to Amazon Aurora leveraging DB Best’s proven 12-step migration methodology and extensive domain knowledge. From the beginning of your engagement, DB Best experts help you plan the scope of the transformation with in-depth analysis of your existing database and application infrastructure. This enables you to build an application optimization roadmap, so you can deliver the highly available, flexible, and scalable services your customers expect on the cloud.


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DB Best can guide you through the entire migration process, and help optimize your Amazon Aurora environment after cloud adoption. Their consulting experts will lead the establishment of a solid database foundation on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and leverage their expertise to help you integrate a wide range of AWS services and increase business flexibility.

Break Up With Commercial Databases To Reach New Customers

Learn how to simplify the deployment and management of services for your customers and how to reduce downtime during application modernization.

Benefits of modernizing on Amazon Aurora

Modernize your applications
Collaborate with experts who are invested in your modernization plans and have a comprehensive understanding of on-premises and cloud applications, so you can optimize for your customers’ future.
Accelerate your migration
Rapidly and securely migrate your applications to AWS to take advantage of the Amazon Aurora database platform featuring MySQL and PostgreSQL, utilizing DB Best’s proven 12-step process and automation tools.

Stay relevant
Deliver cloud solutions to your customers to meet their evolving business needs and reach new customers looking for solutions built on AWS.

Lower operating costs
Reduce costs for both you and your customers by moving to a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model on Amazon Aurora, and provide a truly global, cloud-native solution with pay-as-you-go infrastructure and development tools from AWS.

Migrate your customers to AWS
Accelerate your return-on-investment (ROI) by migrating your existing on-premises customers to your cloud-native, Amazon Aurora-based application.