Migrating Microsoft Workloads Like an Expert


Migrating Microsoft Workloads Like an Expert

Broadcast Date:
August 29, 2018

Level 300 | Solutions Best Practices
Organizations around the world are driving growth through innovation powered by Windows-based solutions in the leading cloud platform. This session will illustrate mechanisms to migrate to AWS, ensuring your migration strategy encompasses a strong, security-focused foundation with a focus on removing undifferentiated heavy lifting. This includes business productivity systems, Microsoft SQL Server, and a number of .NET applications that require seamless migration with minimal downtime. We will walk through creating a landing zone and fully automated compliance controls for embarking on your migration journey, and explore hybrid scenarios and other best practices to help migrate business-critical Microsoft workloads to AWS.

Learning Objectives:
• Explore how Unicornshop.lol core migrated their infrastructure to AWS
• Learn about common scenarios for legacy and custom .NET, .NET Core with Microsoft SQL, and Windows Server deployments and migrations
• Gain insights on simplifying your IT infrastructure and managing your Microsoft workloads in a familiar environment

Suited For: Technical Decision Makers, IT Pros, Developers

Speaker(s): Danny Jenkins, Solutions Architect, AWS

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