Manage Security of Your IoT Devices with AWS IoT Device Defender


Manage Security of Your IoT Devices with AWS IoT Device Defender

Broadcast Date:
September 24, 2018

Level 200 | Service Intro
Helping you manage the security of your IoT fleet is a top priority for AWS. During this tech talk, we will show you how AWS IoT Device Defender works with AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Device Management and AWS best practices to audit device fleets, detect abnormal device behavior, and respond to security alerts. We will explain how customers are using AWS IoT Device Defender to manage compliance, support security best practices, evaluate their attack surface, and complete threat impact assessments. Come away understanding how to spot insecure device configurations and how to set up metrics that can be used to spot a DDoS and botnet attacks.

Learning Objectives:
• Get a look at the Audit and Detect features of AWS IoT Device Defender
• Learn how to schedule audit tasks, monitor device activities, and receive notifications for audit violations and abnormal device behavior
• See how AWS IoT Device Defender complements the security building blocks provided in AWS IoT for you to securely connect devices to the cloud and to other devices

Suited For: Security Professionals, Cloud Developers, Security Architects, Security Operations Leaders, IoT Developers, Device Engineers

Speaker(s): Kriti Bharti, Sr. Product Manager, AWS

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